Ecopol is a large coatings production company with 25 years of experience in industry. Our modernly equipped R&D laboratory supports the well-supplied manufacturing facilities in production process to achieve the highest quality of our products. The vast warehouses allow to store enough products to satisfy all our trading partners' demands and to have almost unlimited source of raw materials. The openness and decency inside the company as well as in business relations lead to stability and confidence. As a result, Ecopol has a wide distribution network that makes our products available not only in Russia but also abroad, and the well-developed logistics system allows to quickly deliver nearly any amount of cargo all over the world. Following the market development, Ecopol expands its activities in innovations and optimization of the production process. Company staff is attentive to any suggestions and is open for communication in order to optimize all of the business aspects. Ecopol creates and successfully implements unique and modern products on the rapidly growing coatings market.
Reoflex™ is a wide range of high-quality automotive refinishing products. It contains fillers, primers, putties, topcoats, aerosols and paint related products. All products are certified with ISO 9001 and comply with the European Directive for limitations VOC 2004/42/EC of the European Parliament and the Council, which guarantees the environmental safety.
Reoflex™ is a well-known automotive refinishing brand due to the price, quality and innovations.
Reoflex™ is widely recognized by consumers and is readily available because of the strong distribution network.